L’Eremita (The Hermit)


We were asked to make a custom Tarot Cuff of The Hermit this past week and so I thought I would post some photos of the process.  We have been wanting to make a cuff of The Hermit for quite a while so we were stoked to finally get the chance. The Hermit tarot card represents introspection and illumination.

This first photo is of Sterling Silver casting grains, which are heated into a molten state and then poured into an ingot.

That ingot is then put through a rolling mill and rolled out into a piece of sterling sheet. This is what our cuffs look like after they are etched and before they are shaped and polished.

Here is a detail of the text on the back of the cuff – L’Eremita or The Hermit.

If you would like a custom Tarot Cuff email us for details!

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New Things On The Way…

So we are finally getting down to the fun stuff and are screen printing shirts and getting our website up and running.  Lots of new jewelry is being made as we speak and it will be making its debut in the not to distant future. Here’s a little peak….

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Tarot Cuff Bracelet

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